About Me


    Greetings!  My name is Eric and I live in the heartland of the U.S.A.  I wa_2_profile_simpson_basement_2am married to an intelligent and thoughtful woman, and have incredible children along with fantastic loving and adorable grandchildren.

    Building Websites

    I have been involved with building websites since the very early days of home computers and the Internet.  What began as an exercise in curiosity quickly turned into a consuming, yet every enjoyable,  passion for website design, graphic design and a desire to help others succeed in a new industry.

    Steep Learning Process With the Wrong Approach

    I wish I could list all the design programs I purchased along the way, from both retail stores and online.  It was this website program, it was that graphics program……all promising the latest and greatest in features and ease of use.  The average costs of these programs always exceeded $100 or much more.  And although many of these products provided the features as promised, the ease of use was questionable and usually involved a very steep learning curve.

    Costly Venture with the Do-It-Yourself Mindset.

    In addition to the various programs purchased, I was also replacing computers frequently to accommodate the larger and more complex programs that required huge amounts of hard drive storage. Needless to say, my “passion” was requiring a huge portion of my disposable income.  I could go on with more detail, but I think you are getting the picture.

    Develop A Plan Before You Go Fishing In the Dark.

    If you have any thoughts of building websites to sell products or to design sites for other individuals and/or businesses, it can be a very expensive venture if you are merely “fishing in the dark.”  I’m reminded of the chap that sells survival food for preppers…..to put it simply, his famous words are You Need A Plan!

    Not just any plan, but a plan that will “cut to the chase”, a plan that is affordable (Is FREE affordable?) and one that will put you on a course to making money and having fun along the way.

    I found that plan at Wealthy Affiliate, and I offer you the same.

    I hope you enjoyed the personal story of my past and I hope you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate as I did.  If you would, please drop me a comment with any thoughts or questions you might have.