Should I Read To Make Money?


    Should I Read To Make Money and Can Reading Lead To Wealth?

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    The answer is simply YES and YES again. Reading itself will not and cannot produce wealth. Yet, reading is an essential path forward to getting wealthy and remaining wealthy. Regardless of your future path to success, you must have an understanding of your native language, and you must have the basics to communicate with others. I am going to relate some of my personal experiences with books and manuals, and I hope my experiences convince you to make reading a daily part of your life.

    At This Point, We Are Communicating

    You are here because you can read and because I can communicate with others.

    I was an avid reader growing up and always enjoyed reading about other people and the world around me. It was not unusual for me to read a 100+ page novel in one evening while attending grade school. As I grew older, my interests turned to computers and the enormous manuals that came with them.

    Were the manuals exciting and riveting? Not really, but without them and my desire to learn computing, I likely would not be authoring this website. Fortunately, most instructive manuals and books written today tend to be more user-friendly and not so boring.

    How Can Daily Reading Contribute To My Wealth and Success?

    Good reading habits contribute to one’s ability to write content, and if you are going to use the Internet to produce your wealth, you must be able to produce content for others. As an example, if you are going to convince potential business partners about your plan for success, you must produce the “content” , i.e. your plans on paper to convince others to invest for financial reasons.

    Yes, you can make it without formal business partners, but you will still need an ability to produce content along the way. Must you be a Nobel Laureate to be an author? No, but good reading habits will go a long way toward helping you produce content. In addition, reading leads to ideas……unique ideas from your thoughts as you read.

    There Are No Negatives to Good and Daily Reading Habits

    As one must exercise to keep the body in good physical health, one must also exercise the brain to stay on top of one’s business. It’s not a hard or unpleasant task to perform.

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    I found that reading on a daily basis is one of life’s most gratifying habits, and helps me and so many others to expand our vocabularies beyond our wildest expectations.

    As you consider becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I hope you also commit to reading daily as an essential part of your journey to wealth and success.

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    I hope you enjoyed my post about how Reading and Making Money on the Internet go together. I also hope you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and become successful! If you would, please drop me a comment with any thoughts or questions you might have.