Teens Can Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate


    Yes, Teenagers Are Welcome At Wealthy Affiliate

    First of all, let’s face it. Today’s teenagers are far more advanced in the world of wired technology than most adults. They have been exposed to and worked with more computerized tools than most of us will ever experience in our lifetimes. I view most teens as electronic wizards! There is every reason to believe that teenagers can be welcomed at Wealthy Affiliate, and contribute a great deal with their knowledge and expertise.

    Computers Are Common In the Bedrooms of Most Teenagers

    Ultimate Otaku Room. By Danny Choo from Tokyo, Japan – CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

    It is likely that most teenagers around the world have one or more computers in their bedrooms. These machines have replaced the outdated books and typewriters of years ago.

    The amount of valuable research tools and information available using today’s computers just boggle one’s mind. This makes every reason for teenagers to consider using their computers, tablets and other computerized tools to make income for their teen years and for future college expenses.

    Teenagers Are Walking and Talking Consultants

    Teenagers have been especially successful when adapting to the use of computers and other gadgetry, such as smartphones. I often chuckle when I think of the many times I consulted my children and grandchildren for help with my computers/smartphones.

    By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service HeadquartersFlickr: QR codes at Ding Darling Refuge, CC BY 2.0, Link

    Teenagers are also immersed in the world of social media. Their learning curves are likely complete with platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and others. They would be natural fits with the training and tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate.

    How Can Teenagers Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

    Let me illustrate at least 2 methods.

    1. For starters, they can learn many, if not all, of the designing techniques of building websites using WordPress. With those website skills, they can offer to design and build websites for local businesses. Quite frankly, most business owners want and need to operate their businesses, and not websites. They want the websites, but look to the pros to take care of that marketing aspect. That “pro” could very well be motivated teenagers. Just think of the possibilities of how teenagers can help business owners with social media!

    2. Many teenagers are wanting to make extra spending money. Some, at the appropriate age, will take part-time work opportunities with local businesses. Others will attempt to start their own “small business” by mowing lawns or offering pet care services. Bingo! Let them design their website and host their own “small business” right at Wealthy Affiliate. Word of mouth travels fast with the right website and social media skills.

    How Teenagers Can Get Started At Wealthy Affiliate

    1. Talk this over with your parents or grandparents. If they sense a genuine willingness on your part to get involved at Wealthy Affiliate, and to stick with it, they will likely agree to help you get started on the road to making money.

    2. Try a FREE membership for a “road test.” If you like what you see, you have the option to sign up for a premium membership. Premium memberships require the use of a credit card or Paypal account.

    3. Be sure to read the Terms of Services for Wealthy Affiliate, which can be found by clicking here, particularly section 2.3 regarding Acceptable Use.

    I hope you enjoyed my post about Teens Making Money on the Internet. I also hope you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and become successful! If you would, please drop me a comment with any thoughts or questions you might have.