Will You Like the Kindle e-Reader? – A Personal Review


    Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader

    Overall Ranking: 9.7 out of 10
    Price: $119.00
    Owner: Eric
    Website: www.amazon.com

    Will You Like the Kindle e-Reader?
    If You Like To Read, You Would Likely Answer Yes!

    I’ve had my Kindle e-Reader for some time now, and wouldn’t give it up for any reason. It simply has inspired me to, once again, make reading a daily habit in my life.

    I Can Hold On To My Library Card And Still Use My Kindle.

    I pay for my library services through local taxes. And modern libraries in my locality offer so many services and resources that cannot be offered on a Kindle. So why do I bother with an e-Reader?

    Simple answer: With a Kindle, and my library card, I can download and start reading many of my favorite books, periodicals and newspapers 24/7, and that is a convenience I embrace with much enthusiasm. And the best part, I don’t pay extra for the download in most cases. NOTE: Not all libraries offer this convenience, so check with your local library if that is important to you.

    Where Else Do I Get Access To My Favorite Reading Material?

    With my Kindle, I also get access to millions of books, periodicals and newspapers directly from Amazon.com. I can browse the titles directly from my Kindle wherever I have access to a computer or WiFi. And some of the books are free……did I say FREE? With WiFi, I can be relaxing on my sofa or in my bed, simply connect to the Amazon store from my Kindle and browse until I find reading material that I want. Within minutes or less, I can be reading my favorites. Nothing could be more efficient for avid readers.

    Kindles Offer So Many Features For Those On the Go.

    Each Kindle offers a bundle of features, simply too many to list in this review. I listed some of my favorite convenience features below:

    • High resolution display
    • Built-in adjustable light
    • No screen glare, indoors or outdoors
    • Ability to adjust the text size and font
    • Single battery charge can last for weeks

    Are There Any Negatives When Using the Kindle?

    Other than the actual size of the screen display, I can answer with a resounding “no.” Of course, that is my opinion, but I did my research before deciding to purchase my Kindle. At that time, 72% of the people that reviewed the Kindle gave it 4.5 out of 5 Stars. That’s a high percentage of satisfied reviewers!

    Although the technical details listed at Amazon boast of a 6″ display technology, I found that my Kindle actual screen size is about 4.8″ tall and slightly more than 3.5″ wide. The 6″ display technology is based on a “diagonal” definition. However, with the ability to increase the size of the text, the dimensions of the screen display is not bothersome to me. Another top-selling e-Reader offers a 7.8″ screen display, but once again, is based on a diagonal definition. The actual screen size is likely to be around 6.5″ X 4.5″. Both e-Readers are good values, but I like saving $100 or more with the Kindle.

    It’s Time To Get Rid of the Old and Decide On the Kindle e-Reader!

    Books Taking Up Space. By SilverijeOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

    If you are still without an e-Reader……if you still have books and other reading materials gathering dust in your home, perhaps you should consider a Kindle. The old books and magazines have served their purpose and you could likely use some extra space in your home.

    I hope you enjoyed my review on the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader. I also hope you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and become successful! If you would, please drop me a comment with any thoughts or questions you might have.